Full Disclosure

Pam’s Journey – Day 12

Miles walked: 28

Miles remaining: 972

Days remaining: 353

Just in case you haven’t noticed… I’m not a writer. It’s true. English was my worst subject in school and I have a feeling that my teachers weren’t sad to see me go.  Yeah, I was one of those kids. How can English be my worst subject? Well, I’m sure it had something to do with the Okie vocabulary and way of speaking. Or, maybe it started in 7th grade when I didn’t get adverbs and when I asked my dad about it, he told me that they didn’t have those when he was in school. We’ll just say it’s genetic!

So, I’d like to take a moment to apologize to Mrs. Stuever and Mrs. Jenlink. I pretty much made zero effort in your classes and now here I am regretting it because I’m supposed to be writing in a blog! Go figure.

Since I don’t know many of you personally, I’d like to share some things about me since we’re either on this journey together or you’re following the journey with us. Plus, I hate to feel like I’m talking to Strangers! Here goes…Full Disclosure.

So, anyway: I recently knocked on the door of the big 40 and it grabbed me and sucked me in against all my protests. I love peanut butter and think it should be it’s own food group – it’s a delicacy. I’m afraid of birds.. yes, birds.  Have you ever seen a seagull’s crazy eyes while you’re holding a piece of bread? I think everyone is good.. until they decide not to be. I think that my most important job is raising my daughter to have morals and values that are missing in our world today. I love doing yard work but I don’t own a weedeater – I hate that part of yardwork lol. I have no doubt that God is in control of my flowerbeds because there’s no way I could keep them alive on my own.

That’s just a glimpse, there’s so much more.. I hate to touch raw meat and I don’t eat meat with bones in it, ICK! I have endrollphobia, the fear of running out of toilet paper. I must have 6+ back up rolls in the cabinet or I start feeling anxious. I enjoy CSI type crime shows and hate reality TV. I forget the technical term for it but I have a yes or no, black or white, right or wrong way of looking at things. There is no in between, no gray, no maybe. Apparently, some people think this isn’t a good quality. I have an amazing family, the best parents that I could ever wish for. I love my job but can’t wait to retire and move to the farm to enjoy a more simple life.

I love coffee on my patio, doors and windows open on a rainy day, and the sound of my cat (SlickyBoo) snoring. I was a daddy’s girl growing up, a tomboy. I hated dresses and still don’t care for them much. I don’t like to be told be told that I can’t do something. I love odd, quirky, eccentric and dorky. I don’t take commitments lightly and try not to commit to anything that I’m not 100% sure that I can follow through.

Ok.. now that you know me a little better and I’m not a complete stranger, I would love to know you better! Tell me a little about you as we’re on this journey together. We’ve got a long way to go!

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