free your mind

Pam’s journey – Day 35

Miles walked: 101

Miles remaining: 899

Days remaining: 330

Remember the movie, The Matrix? Back in ’99, Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, some other people.. it was about this computer hacker, red pill/blue pill, action sci-fi battle against the mainframe stuff. Well, there’s one scene where Neo (Keanu) is attempting to fly if I remember right and he’s on top of a building. He claps his hands together, rubs them briefly and says “free your mind”, then runs and jumps off the building like a superhero. My daughter was 3 and loved that part. Luckily, she never tried jumping off a building to fly but she would do the hands clapping and rubbing part and then run away.

Anyway, I can’t get that out of my head. Mostly because my biggest hangup about this intentional walking with Jesus is that I can’t free my mind. There’s so much going on up there and I can’t turn it off! There’s the <did I lock the door, turn off the straightener, stop all the ceiling fans, get something out for dinner, did I feed SlickyBoo> stuff.. and the <Taelor needs more lunch money deposited in her account, her room is about to be condemned a disaster zone, and she missed the bus again today so I’m running late to work since I had to drive to Mustang before coming to work> stuff.. along with the <did I call that patient back again after I already talked to her 4 times today, did we get the cardiac clearance back on one of our cases tomorrow, and how many times is this patient going to tell me that she’s not receiving our statements and that’s why she hasn’t paid her bill> stuff.

I find it so distracting while I walk with Him and I’m praying about life in general, and as I think about Taelor and all of the trials she faces as a teenager and family and work and friends, I can’t help but get sidetracked on everything else going on. <Wait, did we decide what we were doing for dinner because I forgot to set something out and we finished the leftovers last night so there’s nothing….. pssshh, we have cereal.. we’re good.> Enough! Enough of the rattling in my head, We can beat this!

So, why is it so hard to focus? Because not everyone thinks that walking 1000 with Jesus is a good thing.You can bet your butt that Satan isn’t too pleased about it! He LOVES filling my head with worries and fears and anything else he can get up there so that I can’t focus on my goal. BUT, he has no hold on me.. and for the record, I am a superhero! I am a child of Christ, I’m a woman, a mother, a daughter, a friend and I am made in His image!

If you just heard that pounding noise.. it was Satan banging his head on the wall, saying “UGH! She’s figured out another one of my tricks.. that blasted woman!” Well, he may have used more colorful language but I know that’s what he’s thinking and I’m done with it. I’m done with his tricks and they are everywhere, let me tell ya. I’m done. I’ve got much more important things to do and I’ve got a Walk to walk!

*claps hands.. rubs together* Free your mind!

<disclaimer: I did NOT jump off any buildings while writing this>

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