The Challenge! – part 2

Pam’s Journey: Day 113

Miles walked: 305

Miles remaining: 695

Days remaining: 253

So, this is it.. my list for yesterday. Starting from the second I woke up until I got to work. The time of day when it’s the same thing every day. My normal routine.. How much could there possibly be to be thankful for in doing the sames things that I do every day?


  1. 5:27 AM – I woke up.  – think this is obvious or something to be a little silly to be thankful for? well, some people didn’t wake up today.
  2. my alarm clock – I’m thankful that I can hear it, some people can’t.
  3. get out of bed – odd? well, I’m in a nice warm bed in a nice warm house. Some people don’t have beds or houses or heat, and some people can’t get out of bed on their own.
  4. walk to my kitchen – you guessed it.. some people can’t walk. I got a taste of this for a few months once. I’m very thankful to be able to walk.
  5. coffee – mmmmm. oh yeah, the luxury of a coffee pot, electricity, running water, etc..
  6. feed my cat – yes, my crazy, sleeps on my head half the time, SlickyBoo.
  7. check my email – where to start.. thankful for a computer, the mental ability to read and the freedom to write what I want… oh, and the friends and family that care enough to email me!!
  8. check the morning weather to see how many layers I need to wear for my walk – another luxury, tv.
  9. get ready to walk – sweats over yoga pants, t-shirt, light jacket, heavy jacket, scarf, gloves, earmuffs, hat, hood, shoes. Some people don’t have that many clothes in their entire wardrobe and I wear it all at once just to walk.
  10. wake up my daughter – I’m so blessed to have a daughter, an amazing daughter. Some people can’t have children or have lost their children and I’m lucky enough to get to wake mine up every day.
  11. leave for my walk, start my MapMyFitness app – yes, thankful for that walking thing again, and the luxury of having a cell phone that’s smart enough to track my walk with me.
  12. spend an hour with my Jesus – some people don’t have the freedom to worship God and I’m lucky enough to have a constant relationship with Him and to walk with my Jesus every single day!
  13. witness a beautiful sunrise – I’ve had a long time recurring dream that I can’t see (I’m blind) and it scares me like crazy. I appreciate being able to see all the beauty God gives me.
  14. make my bed – if I’m lucky enough to have one then I should definitely make it every day!
  15. pick my clothes for the day – some people don’t get to pick clothes or shoes.. all they have is what is on their body.
  16. shower – hot running water, in a house, with shampoo and soap.. crazy that we take all of this for granted every day, huh?
  17. get dressed and ready for work – I’m thankful for the physical ability to dress myself.. not everyone can.
  18. spend some morning time talking stuff with my daughter – I’m so lucky to have good communication with Taelor. To talk to her and keep up on what’s going on with her, her friends, school, boys, her new blog, just to spend time with her is precious.
  19. grab something for breakfast, lunch, and maybe a snack for the day – some people don’t even get 1 meal a day and I’m just randomly grabbing from cupboards full of food.
  20. start the car – you’re catching on enough to know that many people don’t have a car, right?
  21. drive to work – this is when I call my mom most days. Thankful for the cell phone again, and bluetooth of course so I can talk while I’m driving, and very thankful to have a mom to talk to!
  22. traffic – who appreciates slow traffic? Most likely the person in the wreck ahead that’s causing this slow traffic…they would appreciate it, and I appreciate not being the one causing the slow traffic.
  23. work – I’m so lucky and thankful to have a job. Not just a job but a job that I really enjoy and with people that I enjoy working with. How many people don’t have a job? The ones that do, probably more than half of them don’t like their job.. I’m very thankful for mine!
  24. Friday – after getting to do a job that I love all week, I’m thankful that I will get to spend time with my daughter this weekend.. Thankful that I have a house to clean, laundry to wash, a yard full of leaves that need raked, books to read, movies to enjoy, and food to cook up for next week. I’m thankful that I get to go to an amazing church on Sunday, hopefully taking one of Taelor’s friends, to worship with friends that are so fired up for God that it’s contagious!

Well.. it’s 8:30 am. That’s 3 hours of thankfulness. Three hours of my normal routine every day. You may think that my thankful list is absurd but if you start taking some of those things away from any of us, it makes a huge difference in the way we live our life. No bed? No shower? No daughter? I don’t even want to think about it so you can bet I will appreciate what I have, every day.

If you’re still with me in this list of thankfulness, don’t you think we can all slow down and appreciate the things we’ve been given? Even the smallest things that normally might be an irritation.. maybe there’s something to be thankful for in everything. Maybe we should be happy and content with what we’ve been given and not constantly want more. Maybe? Do we have to wait for November and for Facebook to tell us to post something every day that we’re thankful for? I’m suggesting that you be thankful for every second of every day because something amazing is happening somewhere.

As I’m typing out my list for you, I’m thankful that SlickyBoo is trying her best to walk across my keyboard and get in my way so she can lick my arm the way that drives me crazy. But that’s how she show’s me that she loves me and that she’s thankful for me…

Thank you Lord, for everything that you’ve given me.. I’m truly blessed!

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