Shhhh… hear that?

Pam’s Journey ~ Day: 166

Miles Walked: 412

Miles Remaining: 588

Days Remaining: 200

I can admit that I’m odd.. a little weird. I like to think of myself as eclectically quirky. A mishmash of oddness that works together beautifully. I hope to have passed this trait down to my daughter and am pretty sure that I have. If you know me or have followed our blog for awhile, you know that I’m a single mom.. it’s just me and my chickie. It’s been this way most of her life and I honestly have to say that I love it. I’ve been able to have a relationship with my daughter that I don’t think I would have had if we weren’t a victim of the divorce epidemic.

So, due to my quirkiness and my beautifully crazy relationship with my daughter, we have talking pets. Yes, you read me right.. talking pets. When Taelor was probably 4ish, she asked me why SlickyBoo never talked. All of the animals and even vegetables talk in kid movies, so this seemed like a reasonable question to me. Of course, that inspired me to give Slick a voice – and so it starts. She has a sort of sassy, queen of the house attitude, with a high pitched, irritating, nasally, always right about everything voice. She’s not a photogenic type of kitty so we have almost no pics of her. Slick is to be admired.. she’s a BIG kitty and she works it! She and Tasha have a love/hate relationship and she’s jealous of Kristen’s place beside me on the couch.. but that’s just how Slick rolls. 🙂

Our newest addition to the family, Beau (aka, BoBo), just happens to have a voice of his own.. go figure! Beau is a yellow lab who found us a couple months ago and has been a nice addition, but a lot more work than we’re used to for a pet. He’s the first boy Boo in our house, and of course he has a boy voice.. well, sort of. He sounds a lot like Goofy and he is pretty goofy. His conversation revolves around food, trying to lick Slick, and his most favorite thing in the world.. his duck – or more correctly, playing fetch with his duck. Beau will play fetch with anything. He would play with air if he could see you throw it!

Taelor and I have the same voice. We are literally two peas in a pod – thinking and saying the same things all the time. Friends and family usually can’t tell us apart on the phone and that can be a lot of fun sometimes! We get a kick out of saying the same thing at the same time and sounding exactly like each other, like our voice is in stereo.

You’re probably starting to wonder why this eclectically quirky person is describing all of the voices in her house. At least I said my house, and not my head. Well, you’re lucky that I left out the pets that are no longer with us!  Anyway.. there is another voice in our house that I long to hear. It’s not a high pitched sassy cat or a goofy dog. It’s the voice of God. I’ll admit to being slightly jealous of people who say that God speaks to them regularly. I want to be that person.. the one that needs help or advice and God tells them what to do! That would sort of be like having my own personal EASY button for my life struggles.

Have you noticed that the people who talk about “God speaking to them”, are the people that work at having a close relationship with Him? They walk the walk, talk the talk, and live the life… the Blessed Life. They have relationships with God, and I’m not talking about a 1-sided relationship where God is doing all of the work. This made me look at my life to see if I’m doing what I should be doing to hear the God whispers that I long to hear.

I’m sure God has spoken to me more than I know but that’s the point. I want to KNOW that God is speaking to me.. I can be a tad spoiled sometimes, huh? I want to know that those more odd than usual thoughts that sometimes pop into my head, or the mental nudges to do something that I’m unsure of, is really God’s voice, leading me.  I know God speaks to us.. I just need Him to speak a little louder!

This hits my prayer time frequently. A louder voice, harder nudges, I’d even take some head smacks if He would do it.. just to make sure that I don’t miss what He’s telling me. More often than not, when I think I’m hearing Him, it’s so subtle that I might miss if it I weren’t listening so intently. I have to shush my brain and that’s not an easy thing to do! I’ve only learned to do this in the last year or so, and even more so since starting this walk.

This walk is about building a closer relationship with God. It’s private time that we spend with Him, walking with Him, communicating with Him. Wait… Communicating? as in talking and having conversations? I have longed for God to talk to me for years but have only recently began feeling His presence and His nudges. Well, only recently have I been having deliberate communication with Him on a daily, hourly, and step-by-step basis. *Head Smack* Do you see where I’m going here? The more I talk to Him… the more He talks to me.The more consistent I am with Him, the more consistent I feel Him with me. The more I read His word, follow His lead, and live the life, the more He blesses me in return. Oh, how I wish that I had this relationship with Him 10 years ago!

For years I was waiting for God to talk to me when I wasn’t exactly talking to Him? Told you I can be spoiled. Since figuring out this snazzy little 2-way communication technique, I feel that I do hear the voice that I’ve longed to hear for so many years. I wouldn’t say that He’s a big talker, but I like knowing that He’s joined my conversation.. my 2-way conversation. It’s not a 1-sided relationship and I’m not expecting anything without giving Him my everything… and He gives His everything right back.

“I have loved you, my people, with an everlasting love. With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself. ~ Jeremiah 31:3 NLT

Thank you…

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