The Good, The Bad, and the Horrible.

Pam’s Journey – Day 187

Miles walked: 458

Miles remaining: 542

Days remaining: 179

Yesterday was one of those hard days as a parent. It started with some defiance from my daughter and seemed to get worse throughout the day as I found out some recent things that she has told me weren’t true. That always hurts. You’ve read about my daughter before and I’m pretty sure you will read about her again, but that’s mostly because she’s more important to me than anything else on earth.

I am by no means a perfect parent and I have by no means raised a perfect daughter – but she is perfect for me. That’s why God gave her to me – and me to her. He knows what He’s doing.

Let me tell you about our day.. Yesterday morning started with the normal routine – Get up, make coffee, take my vitamins, apologize to SlickyBoo for running out of her wet food and only having dry cat food, tame my bed head hair so I don’t scare anyone on my walk, feed the stray cat that has adopted our front porch, wake my daughter so she can walk Beau, set out on my walk with Jesus… that’s my favorite time of the whole day. I had a very thankful walk yesterday. I have been blessed with so much, sometimes it overwhelms me, so there was a lot of thanking Him on my walk. After my walk, I went in to make sure Taelor (and her friend who had stayed all night since yesterday was Taelor’s birthday) was getting ready. Taelor was sitting at the computer, most likely checking her Facebook and Heather was laying sideways across Taelor’s bed. So, I began the morning prodding: Get moving, don’t forget to feed and water Beau, don’t forget to move the laundry she started from the washer to the dryer, don’t mess around and miss the bus…

That was mostly what took place between 6:00am and 7:15am. Then I started getting myself ready for work. Beau got fed – not watered, the dryer was emptied – but the washer clothes didn’t make it into the dryer, and thankfully the bus wasn’t missed. I get frustrated when my daughter doesn’t do the things that I ask. What parent doesn’t? So, I watered Beau and put Taelor’s clothes in the dryer before I left for work (yes, I make my daughter do her own laundry!). That was when I decided that we would be having a family talk after work, because those things and more are happening daily. Those things aren’t life or death issues but they are her responsibilities and I would be doing her an injustice if I didn’t hold her accountable for those responsibilities… that’s my job.

Later in the day, I spoke with the parent of one of Taelor’s friends and a few things that she told me wasn’t matching up with what Taelor had told me. So, this added to the list of things to talk about in our family meeting after work. Family meetings are not my favorite thing and there is always the chance of tempers flaring since our butting heads is almost inevitable. This is why I started praying early in the day to let it be calm and productive and even sent out a prayer flare to my godly gal pals, because I can use all the prayer I can get!

I love when I get home and we both know that we’re going to be having a talk, but when I walk in I’m greeted with the smell of fresh laundry or my favorite kitchen cleaner. That’s always a good sign that Taelor knows she’s done something that she shouldn’t and is already trying to make it better. We talk, we cry, I ground her and I think we both felt better after talking through some things and she goes to her room to work on that laundry and cleaning.

Our day had some good, some bad, but we didn’t know that it was about to have some horrible.

The next thing I know, my daughter is coming back to the living room and crying hysterically. She just found out that two close friends were involved in an auto/motorcycle accident and are being taken to the hospital in critical condition. We go. I don’t know these friends or their families but if there’s nothing else that I can do but sit with them and pray for their boys, then that’s what I will do.

Between the boys, there are multiple broken bones, dislocations, road rash, and 1 of the boys is in a coma and on a respirator. He is still in critical condition, has a fractured skull and his brain is hemorrhaging. This isn’t what I planned on blogging about this week but this horrible accident has impacted my daughter so much and has brought an awareness to us both. We all know that accidents can happen any time and Taelor gets tired of me reminding her to wear seatbelts and be careful and to not be reckless, and.. and.. and. Life has finally hit close enough for her to realize that my warnings might actually be warranted.

We prayed. We sat at the hospital with the family and other friends for hours last night. We prayed. We waited for any news on their status. We prayed. We watched the parents of these boys suffer with the fear of losing their children… and we prayed.

Too often you hear, “The only thing left to do is pray”. When the reality is, “The only thing to do is pray”.

For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them. ~ Matthew 18:20

I don’t stress prayer enough with Taelor. I know this and I know it’s hard because I didn’t have her involved in church when she was young enough to grow up with it being a normal thing. She was already a teenager when we became involved in church, so pushing her to take her problems to God in prayer is sometimes just that, Pushing.  I encourage her to pray and I pray for her daily, she knows this. Unfortunately, times like this are the best time to remind her to pray and encourage her to invite her friends to pray. I’ve suggested she do this at the hospital today.. every hour, bring everyone together and pray for these boys and their families. I’ll be praying with them from work and I know the families of these boys would appreciate all the prayer they can get. Please join us in praying for the boys. Ryan and Matt.

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