About 1000 Miles with Jesus:

When any of us talk about 1000 Miles With JESUS, people often ask what it is… and that question can be a little tricky to answer. We will begin by telling you what it is not. 1000 Miles With JESUS is NOT a physical fitness program, a diet, or a gimmick designed to help us gain more favor with God. The truth is, we simply could not be more loved by this marvelous God of ours, who already loves us perfectly and completely and without fail!

We are people who, through Jesus, have received forgiveness, healing, amazing love, and a rescue beyond anything we had any right to hope for – and we want more of Him! We believe Jesus has invited each of us to walk 1000 miles with Him for the sole purpose of relationship… first and foremost with Him, but also with each other as we meet occasionally to walk together and share on this page what He is speaking to each of us.

To sum it up, 1000 MILES WITH JESUS IS…


AN INVITATION we believe comes straight from the heart of our Savior and King, Jesus Christ.

A RESPONSE to the One who gave His life to secure our redemption.

A WALK with Jesus for the sole purpose of coming to know Him more as we travel 1000 miles in 365 days.

A RELATIONSHIP with the God who alone is able to break the chains that bind us; who alone is able to redeem, cleanse, heal and recreate in us all our souls were made for.

A COMMUNITY of people who have decided to take Jesus at His Word and set aside time to walk with Him so that we might grow to know Him more.


-Each person’s journey with Jesus is unique. Most of our miles will be covered with Him alone, but we may meet up with some of our fellow travelers from time to time so we can also experience Him through relationship with each other.

-This isn’t an exercise program. The goal is not to “feel the burn”, although we might feel it from time from time. It is about relationship – first and always. We must guard our hearts in this. It is easy to focus instead on our personal fitness goals, or on how our bodies might be changing. We can even become prideful that we have made the decision to embark on this journey at all. How our hearts can deceive us! We must stay focused solely on Jesus, keeping our dialog with Him open and honest. It truly is the only worthwhile pursuit in this world.

For that reason, we do not recommend running or even jogging because we understand these activities can offer a sort of “mental release” or “vacation” where true interaction others – even Jesus – can be difficult. Instead, think of this as more of a stroll with the true Lover of your Soul… a time reserved for the One who knows and loves you more than any other.

Some have expressed the desire to embark on this journey also. If you do, we invite you to comment and share what you are experiencing along the way! We truly believe Jesus has more for each of us in the coming miles than we could ever hope or imagine!

See you on the road…

Kristen, Tasha and Pam

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